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Re: Everest Home Improvements (ES1910AR)

Sorry I missed seeing the email.
I've checked out the images you sent and while they might have looked similar from across the street, comparing them with the originals, they didn't quite look the same.
I've recreated these from the original panels and am attaching these files as scale-accurate pdf's.
There's one for the small window - if you need to change the aspect ratio that's fine - and two for the larger panel - one with the outline and another with the original colours, as the page supplied for that was missing the code for the 'yellow'.
I'd really appreciate if you could make them as close as possible to these designs, as after all I'm the one that will have to live with them :)
If you need a different format other than pdf, or if the original Adobe Illustrator files would be helpful, then do let me know.

Sean Meacher

On 15/10/13 11:58, Robyn.Drury@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Dear Mr Meacher,

Your products are currently in the beginning stages of manufacture however there is a query over the stained glass.

I understand Robbie Yapp surveyor has emailed you about this.

In order for this to be resolved I need to make contact with you as soon as possible. Robbie can converse with you via email or come out and see you at your convenience.

Please do get in touch as soon as you can.

Kind regards,

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