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Re: Everest Home Improvements (ES1910AR)

Thanks for calling me earlier to arrange the visit. Although I'm at a bit of a loss to understand why, in this age of internet communications and collaborations, you need to send someone out to show me what in all 
likelihood, are going to be more bits of paper.
Would it not be quicker and more efficient to send me some photo's or pdf's of whatever you need to show me, with a couple of paragraphs explaining what you need me to see?

By way of explanation, my day job is working in the IT dept of a technology/software company. Essentially we are the tech people to the tech people. 
As a company, we rely heavily on electronic communications and collaborative working, using Atlassians' Jira & Confluence software for issue tracking and documentation, along with Google Apps (office suite) for collaborative editing of papers/spreadsheets/etc (including on-line customisable forms that end up in a spreadsheet/database).

So far, what I've seen from Everest, supposedly the best of the best, is a lot of people who may be good at their individual roles, yet the whole seems to be lacking a certain cohesiveness - although this could also be explained by you having to work with systems that you may know are somewhat outdated and frustrating to use.
Having seen the equipment that your sales/surveying staff have to lug around, still with the now 14yr old Windows XP, surely it's time enough for some sort of web portal into which everyone can deposit the information they need to, with the client able to track the progress of their order?
I know that for me, this could have prevented all of the issues experienced so far (should I really have had to speak directly to the stained glass manufacturer and provide technical drawings to get a satisfactory result?) and give me more of a warm fuzzy feeling, to know that I'm actually getting customer service equivalent to the ~£20k I'm supposed to be paying.

Thanks for your time,
Sean Meacher

On Tue, 17 Dec 2013 16:45:27 +0000, Robyn.Drury@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Mr Meacher,

It is to do with the glass design. I have been asked by the factory to get Robbie out to you.

I can get him to you tomorrow morning if you would be available.

If it is convenient and your work place in the london area, I could even ask him to attend there.

Can you please let me know your earliest availability,

Kind regards,

Sean Meacher

17/12/2013 16:38

Re: Everest Home Improvements (ES1910AR)



My Father mentioned something about someone from Everest phoning and giving 20th Jan as an installation date(?)
Except I'm not there during the day and he's getting on a bit and doesn't write down any messages.

Email is indeed usually best for me.
If you need to contact me more urgently, please use my mobile number and leave a message, or if during office hours a text message would be best as the building I work in is a bit of a farady cage and so the mobile signal is quite patchy.

My mobile number is:
07973 634359

If Robbie needs to come and do some more measuring, then that's fine.
But what exactly is the hold up? I thought he'd taken sufficient drawings/measurements at the time?
Is this another thing like the glass designs?..

Sean Meacher

On Mon, 16 Dec 2013 10:29:43 +0000, Robyn.Drury@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

HI Mr Meacher,

I had been advised by the factory that they are having trouble with the glass design and sizes. We need to get Robbie back to you ASAP I have tried to phone you but remember you are better contacted via email.

Unfortunately, the installation date will no longer stand as things move on very quickly, however the sooner I can get him out to you to get the problem resolved, the better.

If you could please contact me ASAP either via email or on 0844 846 1939 and I will book an appointment for you.

Kind regards,