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Re: Everest Home Improvements (ES1910AR)

I can't help feeling that we've been here several times before and are in fact going around in circles.
Analogous to me describing to you a racehorse and getting back from you an elephant.
So I do have to say that I've completely lost faith in your process.
If unit 'B' doesn't look like supplied design 'A', shouldn't someone be checking that and confirming with the customer BEFORE manufacture??
In fact the only part of this project that has gone right so far has been when I corresponded with CET directly (which both of us were happy about).
What exactly do you hope to achieve by sending Robbie out again?.. given that we're still essentially in the same position that we have been since early October - 4 Months!

From the original designs I was sent back (dated 3rd October 2013), there were 4 sizes of panel:

This means, for them to not be 'lost in translation' again, I have produced scale drawings of this remarkably simple glass design and send them to the appropriate people.
If/When those have, as before, been deemed suitable for production and confirmed, as was the large design (which having finally now seen a picture of, I'm very happy with!), then hopefully we will be able to proceed - then I'll send you copies also.

In my day job, I'm used to dealing with international projects that can affect upwards from 2000 people.
Dealing with home improvements on this scale shouldn't be this tortuous!
Should we continue with this, I would also expect some kind of reduction in the cost, given that I appear to be doing your jobs for you.
Please don't get this wrong again or I shall have to find somewhere more competent.

Sean Meacher

On 30/01/14 10:06, Robyn.Drury@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Mr Meacher,

Ken Lee's has asked me to make an appointment for Robbie Yapp to come see you to discuss the window query.

 I can  offer you an early morning appointment again from Tuesday 4th Feb onwards?

Could you let me know a day that would be suitable to you?

Kind regards,