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Re: Everest Home Improvements (ES1910AR)

Given that there has been no significant response to my last email of 22nd February, I shall have to assume Everest has no interest in progressing this forwards.
Therefore, should I not receive a satisfactory offer for resolution by Friday 7th March, I would request that this project/order be cancelled.

I had hoped that by showing you, with the last set of documents that I provided, that you would see where your process has failed and be willing to make up for these months of stress and disruption that dealing with Everest has caused me. Sadly this has not been the case.

Recently, I had cause to deal with Dell Computers in Canada. I phoned their US number, explained what I wanted and they explained the options to me. Then when I needed to be passed to another specialist representative, that person already had all my necessary details to hand.
After we had made the required service arrangements, they politely asked me "Is there anything else we can help you with?". Then a few days later, a courtesy email to check that everything had run smoothly and been completed to my satisfaction.
Now that was great customer service and is what I'm generally used to dealing with day-to-day.

Now, compare that with the behaviour of Everest:
Having all requests for information being ignored for a total of more than three months.
Being repeatedly told "You need to sign this off", without being entirely sure what 'this' was.
Then most recently, "It all looks fine to us, you should just have it installed and sort out the problems later".
The latter of which shows either supreme confidence in your products and procedures, or makes an assumption of absolute naivety from me.

I do find it difficult to understand how, being supposedly the second largest home improvements company in the UK, this treatment is acceptable.
It did become apparent from the original flurry and chain of emails about the larger stained glass design that your company is quite obviously administratively heavy.

What I would suggest is that you introduce some kind of centralised web-based 'customer portal' into which goes all the information from the surveyors and the unit manufacturers, that anyone involved with a particular customer can consult to see the detailed progress of a particular project.
This would require an amount of internal restructuring, as there's absolutely no reason for any project of this nature to involve any more than 10 people, end to end.
It is after all a manufacturing process involving glass and wood/plastic/aluminium (the processes of which I probably understand better than you, having studied engineering to degree level).
You would also be able to consolidate your technology base and retire the Windows XP machines you give out, which you'll have to do anyway at some point soon given the EOL of that operating system.

For my employers, I was the person responsible for (seamlessly) migrating from our previous internal email system to 'Google Apps for Business', which I can highly recommend.
Once you get used to sharing documents and being able to simultaneously edit them, you won't want to go back.
The 'office suite' is also fully extensible with templates and a scripting engine that can quite easily outclass what you may have been used to with _vbscript_ for Word/Excel/etc or even the other behemoth that is MS Exchange.
Good luck.

Sean Meacher