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Re: Everest Home Improvements (ES1910AR)

Further to the previous mail.
I'm more than happy to provide any assistance I can to ensure that your supplier can provide what has been asked for/agreed.
I'd even be happy for you to 'borrow' the panel that's inside the porch so that the replacements can be equivalent.
I hope you can understand that for me, this is probably the most important part of this refurbishment, as it's what I'm going to have to look at every day.
As an engineer, I understand what it takes to reproduce something to quite specific tolerances and that's what I'm used to working to - whether that be wood, metal, electronics or any other construction.
I do also have friends who make stained glass for a living. So I have some understanding of the processes involved in the construction and manufacture. Compared to some of their commissions, this isn't that difficult a design.
I know I'm asking for something quite specific and really I'm not trying to be difficult.
However, when Trevor first came over and I explained what I wanted - 'like for like as far as possible, keeping the character of the house' - he assured me this would be possible.
I would have thought that as you are 'the biggest and best' (and were actually my first choice), then we can make everyone happy.

Sean Meacher

On 18/10/13 12:13, Robbie.Yapp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Dear Mr Meacher
Yes the windows will have a frosted glass called stypolite that is near as possible to exsisting and will give you priavcy from people peering in , please can you confirm its alright to go into manufacture


Kind Regards

Robbie Yapp
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23 Sutcliffe Close
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From: Sean Meacher <sean@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 10/17/2013 02:40PM
cc: Robbie.Yapp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Everest Home Improvements (ES1910AR)

Further to my earlier mail with the reconstructed images, could you also confirm about the type of obscured glass in the clear panes of the larger panel(s) please?
These particular ones will be going in my hallway so I'd like them to be as similar as possible - or if that's not possible, at least the style that looks like it's lightly sandblasted so that we can't have outsiders peering through the windows...
For details, see the "Big Window Outline with Colours.pdf" in the zip file from the previous email.

Sean Meacher

On 15/10/13 11:58, Robyn.Drury@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Dear Mr Meacher,

Your products are currently in the beginning stages of manufacture however there is a query over the stained glass.

I understand Robbie Yapp surveyor has emailed you about this.

In order for this to be resolved I need to make contact with you as soon as possible. Robbie can converse with you via email or come out and see you at your convenience.

Please do get in touch as soon as you can.

Kind regards,