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Re: ES1910AR

If you read back through the correspondence, you'd read that I asked you to cancel this as of around 7th March.

I had also sent you images of what was wrong - the bottom 1/4 of the original design was cut off for the smaller windows.
They are not the same.
I had also sent you scale drawings of all the affected designs as to what I had been expecting.

I would only accept anything from Everest if:
a) You can get them correct.
b) Halve the total cost (at least) due to the amount of stress and inconvenience as the whole debacle and non-communication for several months has set back my plans back almost a year.


Sean Meacher

On Thu, 3 Jul 2014 12:52:04 +0000, Ken Lees <Ken.Lees@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear Mr Meacher,


Your windows are have been stored in our warehouse waiting for you to agree to an installation date. I know that you have disputed the lead designs in the windows. I am prepared to send another surveyor to clarify your specific design. I have looked at your windows and I cannot see any difference to what you have requested.


I await your response.