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Re: FW: Finance on account ES1910AR

Hello Gentlemen,
As I'd had to send another letter to your CEO Mr Saunders, I've received a reply from Mr Ralph Yarwood-Smith.
Could one of you confirm his email address please. Or will I have to reply to him via traditional mail?..

Much like the heat death of the universe, Everest fulfilling their obligation is inevitable.
So to be honest, I'm not in any hurry to sign anything else.
What I'm going to need from (the collective) you before then is to be fully furnished with information:
* the full set of photo's
*the filled-in spreadsheet that I provided to Mr Laurence.

For pricing up the second job (that I'm only going to decide about after seeing the pricing), you shouldn't need to involve me as John Buckland measured everything up when he visited last year.
Which means somewhere in your organisation will be the information you require to make that happen.
Adam, when we spoke on the phone you told me the Richard Laurence had authorised you to offer that 'at cost' (whatever that actually means).
I would imagine those numbers would be those you can add to the list in the spreadsheet as that's basically what I'd asked for.

Sort it out amongst yourselves and let me know what's going on.

Sean Meacher

On 05/02/2015 16:34, Adam Freeman wrote:

Good afternoon Mr Meacher,


After speaking to Richard Lawrence and Ken Lees at the installation centre I have been advised that:


1/ A finance package for the current installation requires signing (as the original is now out of date).


2/ A new sale of the remainder of the windows on a separate contract.


It would be necessary for us to activate the finance and install on the existing contract and then seperately sign up and manufacture the 2nd job with a view to install the 2nd job in the future.


Please can you confirm this will be acceptable and when would be convenient for Trevor to visit you and sign the finance documents for the existing contract and price up the 2nd job.


Kind regards


Adam Freeman

Territory Development Manager - ES8

Everest Home Improvements


Mobile: 07808365271

Email: adam.freeman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx