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ES1910AR amendments

Hi Robbie,
Thanks for coming out, even though it could quite easily have been sorted out with a phone call & email.
I've attached the pdf version of the small window design, which you have the acetate copy of.
As requested "I hereby authorise you to adjust the edges of the design so that they fit the panels".
(as long as you're keeping the design central and the aspect ratio the same).
If you need to add/remove a little from the ends of the lines, then that's fine.
Andy @ CET also has a copy of the designs.

If you could send me back copies of any adjustments so that I know what I'm getting, that would be great.

Sean Meacher

On Fri, 11 Oct 2013 14:06:47 +0100, Robbie.Yapp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

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