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Re: CEO Letter ES1910AR

Hello Gentlemen,
Apparently you're both back in your offices this week, so I'm hoping this is a good time to see where we are in all this.
After all, it has now officially been over a year since I first signed up with Everest and really it's no closer to completion than it was back in January.

To reiterate, this is what I'd requested in my letter to your CEO:
a) Produce the correct designs to the given specifications, confirming with me what is to be manufactured.
b) Produce the rest of the windows (with the correct designs) so that I never have to come back and deal with Everest ever again.
c) Because this whole debacle has been the internal fault of Everest, don’t charge me more than the existing/outstanding £18,816 as a way to say sorry for all of this.

So, now:
Mr Lees, as you have been the person dealing with part 'a', could you update us on what the status of the first 50% of the windows are?

Mr Lawrence, in your email from 21st August, you replied:
"I am favouring option 1 in your letter and don’t have an issue discounting the order as you have suggested."

Therefore, as you have agreed to complete the other 50% of the windows for my house (by "producing the rest of the windows" and "so that I never have to come back and deal with Everest ever again" as mentioned in parts 'b' and 'c') for "no more than the existing £18,816", how do we make this happen?..
As far as I am concerned, asking you to produce all of the windows for installation at the same time is a single order for the house and always has been.

In the email I had from you (16th September), I'm not sure where you came up with the amount of £2082 from as that sounds like the deposit I've already paid.
This amount I long ago considered written off and also have never ever mentioned in any of my correspondence to you.

You also in that same email mentioned the finance agreement. 
How do we go about adjusting that so that I'm not stung by all this later? given that it has been so stressful dealing with Everest and taken so much of my time and energy over the past THIRTEEN MONTHS.
I'm perfectly happy for you to produce new documents and send them for me to sign.

To be clear, I've never ever asked for 'free' windows.
My requests have not changed since January, using the same words.
I've asked you to do 100% of the windows for my home for £18,816, which you have agreed to do.
How you make that happen is not my problem.
This works out to a discount of around 50% from the initial survey price of around £38,000.
As my engineering background has given me some understanding of how mass production works, or at least how it should, this I would also consider a more realistic amount for the whole house.

I do hope that we can resolve this without me having to write to Mr Saunders again.
That would be a disappointment.

Sean Meacher