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RE: ES1910AR

Good morning Mr Meacher,


I have gone through your contract with another surveyor. I would like him to visit you to run through all these designs, he knows exactly what you require and can see what Robbie Yapp has submitted. Seam Beman Is more than capable of dealing with this and I highly recommend him.


I am sorry for this delay but I am confident that we can get this back on track to your satisfaction.


Kind regards




From: Sean Meacher [mailto:sean@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 03 July 2014 20:58
To: Ken Lees
Cc: Yvonne Mansfield; Nick Flanagan
Subject: Re: ES1910AR


In the interest of openness and with a modicum of hope that maybe someone can manage to actually get this right, I've produced a pdf for you.
page 1) This has a scan of the very rough drawing that Robbie the surveyor did and has my signature on it as a rough version of what I was expecting - "subject to technical approval" as it states quite clearly.
page 2) This contains a photo of the original design, the to-scale drawing of the same that I have provided Everest with on a number of occasions and a photo of what was produced without my sign off. One of these things is not like the others. It's not hard to spot.
page 3) Larger copy of the original to-scale drawing.
page 4) To-scale design for 397x234 panel, previously supplied to Everest in January as a pdf.
page 5) To-scale design for 393x234 panel, previously supplied to Everest in January as a pdf.
page 6) To-scale design for 405x234 panel, previously supplied to Everest in January as a pdf.
page 7) To-scale design for 419x234 panel, previously supplied to Everest in January as a pdf.

Given the history of this, the being ignored for first 3 months (October to January) and then now a further 4 (March to July), I have no confidence that allowing what you may deem 'good enough' now, then incurring more time, effort, money and stress later in getting that sorted out, is worth the effort.
That is why I have not accepted what you have produced and wrote to you for the whole thing to be cancelled as of the start of MARCH.
If you can show me that you can produce the panels with the correct design, equivalent to what was actually signed off, then show me pictures of the correct finished units, then I will consider accepting it and give you an installation date.
I'd quite happily pay the whole thing off in a year or less, providing you can get it right first time.
Listening to the customer and asking "what can we do to make this better" isn't difficult.
I have to do it every day.
Is that too much to ask?..

All of THIS, the 7 months of not knowing what doing on, the inability of Everest to produce an accurate representation of what is essentially a very simple design and the bullish and overly administrative way I've been treated are why you should be giving me a discount.
If you were me, wouldn't you?

Sean Meacher

On 07/03/14 17:18, Ken Lees wrote:

Ok, I will get some photos over to you and we can build from there.


Yvonne Mansfield is the operation planning Manager for the southern region and Nick Flanagan is our legal Manager.






From: Sean Meacher [mailto:sean@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 03 July 2014 17:04
To: Ken Lees
Cc: Yvonne Mansfield; Nick Flanagan
Subject: RE: ES1910AR


If the small window designs are the ones you sent me before, they're not the same.
If you would like to send me pictures, I'll compare them (again).

I don't want to see this 'get legal' any more than you, but given the trouble that has gone on, the time it has taken and the fact that I asked you to cancel this in MARCH, should give you some inking that this isn't going to work out.

Coming on like an unstoppable force where I have to abide with what you want isn't any help.
I'm not paying 40k for something that may never be resolved.
It's Everests process failure and I'm certainly not paying for that.

Please could you also let me know who these other people Cc'd are.

On Thu, 3 Jul 2014 15:34:59 +0000, Ken Lees <Ken.Lees@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Mr Meacher,


I know you have a technical occupation. I am adamant that you designs are what you have ordered, I have them and I have compared them with your windows in my warehouse, they look identical. How can you reject these windows without even seeing them?


We have a legal contract and I would like to fulfil this. If you refusing to accept my offers of help and resisting the installation you will leave me no option but to pass your file on to our legal department. I hope that we do not have to go down this route and I am sure we can come to an agreement.







From: Sean Meacher [mailto:sean@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 03 July 2014 16:02
To: Ken Lees
Cc: Yvonne Mansfield; Nick Flanagan
Subject: RE: ES1910AR


I have no idea what you mean by "agreed on survey".
When I started this, Trevor the salesman agreed that my request for "like for like" would be possible.
My problems have been with the amount of effort that I've been required to invest in this with regard to the stained glass designs.
Also with the months where my requests for "information on what's going on" were ignored.
The larger design required me to produce and send scale drawings to the manufacturer of those as the initial attempt by Everest looked like a child had drawn it.
The smaller design, which I would say would have been difficult to get wrong, that you went on to produce without confirming it with me, was not the same as the original.
That is what I refused to accept.
I also supplied several scale drawings of what I would expect them to look like.
I have no desire to "sort it out later".
Is there some part of that which is not clear?..

Yes I rejected going to St Albans, as it's quite a distance and it should in no way have been required to confirm that the stained glass design was correct.
I don't see how sending a surveyor to ensure that one drawing looks like another is in any way necessary.

I work in a highly technical environment where I have to deal with complicated engineering and network diagrams.
If I were to say "looks good enough to me" on a 40k project, that really wouldn't be "good enough".

I started this in good faith last AUGUST.
I asked you to cancel this in MARCH after being ignored for at least 3 months.
I really don't want to have to deal with all of that stress again.

If you can't see what was wrong, then that itself is part of the problem.
I have no desire to deal with Everest ever again.

On Thu, 3 Jul 2014 13:57:17 +0000, Ken Lees <Ken.Lees@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Mr Meacher,


I have explained to you that the windows are what has been agreed on survey. I have even suggested that we could fit these and if any designs are wrong I would change them for you. You have refused point blank to accept them without even seeing the windows. I even suggested that you visit me here at the centre to look at these windows, that offer was rejected by you.


The above offer still stands and the offer of another surveyor to visit and clarify your concerns. I hope that you will not refuse these offers.


There is no justification in reducing your outstanding balance.






From: Sean Meacher [mailto:sean@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 03 July 2014 14:32
To: Ken Lees
Cc: Yvonne Mansfield; Nick Flanagan
Subject: Re: ES1910AR


If you read back through the correspondence, you'd read that I asked you to cancel this as of around 7th March.

I had also sent you images of what was wrong - the bottom 1/4 of the original design was cut off for the smaller windows.
They are not the same.
I had also sent you scale drawings of all the affected designs as to what I had been expecting.

I would only accept anything from Everest if:
a) You can get them correct.
b) Halve the total cost (at least) due to the amount of stress and inconvenience as the whole debacle and non-communication for several months has set back my plans back almost a year.


Sean Meacher

On Thu, 3 Jul 2014 12:52:04 +0000, Ken Lees <Ken.Lees@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear Mr Meacher,


Your windows are have been stored in our warehouse waiting for you to agree to an installation date. I know that you have disputed the lead designs in the windows. I am prepared to send another surveyor to clarify your specific design. I have looked at your windows and I cannot see any difference to what you have requested.


I await your response.